Handelsnamen voor de automaat per merk

Acura: Sequential SportShift
Alfa Romeo: Sportronic, Q-System, Q-Tronic
Alpina: Switchtronic
Aston Martin: Touchtronic
Audi: Tiptronic
BMW: Steptronic
Citroen EGS, SensoDrive
Chevrolet: TAPshift
Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep / Ram: AutoStick
Ford (Australia): Sequential, Sports Shift, Powershift
Ford (USA): SelectShift
Holden: Active Select
Honda: iShift, S-matic, MultiMatic, SportShift
Hyundai: Shiftronic, HIVEC H-Matic
Infiniti: Manual Shift Mode
Jaguar: Bosch Mechatronic
Kia: Sportmatic
Lancia: Comfortronic
Land Rover: CommandShift
Lexus: E-Shift
Lincoln: SelectShift
Mazda: ActiveMatic
Mercedes-Benz: TouchShift
MG-Rover: Steptronic
Sportronic, tiptronic, Allshift
Nissan: Xtronic (also used in “Xtronic CVT”)
Opel / Vauxhall: ActiveSelect, tiptronic
Peugeot: 2Tronic, tiptronic
Pontiac: TACShift, TAP-Shift, Driver Shift Control (DSC)
Porsche: PDK (Porsche Doppelkupplung), Tiptronic, Tiptronic S
Saab: Sentronic
Saturn: TAPshift
SEAT: tiptronic
Škoda Auto: tiptronic
Subaru: Sportshift (system developed and name used under license from Prodrive Ltd.)
Toyota: ECT, Multimode manual transmission
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: tiptronic
Volkswagen Passenger Cars: tiptronic inclusive of Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG)
Volvo: Geartronic, Powershift

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